OCEAN AQUA TECHNOLOGIES, is a ISO certified 9001-2015 company it is a  manufacturer of wide range of animal health and aquaculture  products ,OCEAN AQUA TECHNOLOGIES is one of the world class top notch manufacturing companies in pharma and animal health care sector.We adopt and promote the concept of eco friendly, trustworthy products for aqua culture. Itmarkets high quality, safe, effective medicines and feed supplements for livestock, poultry,  companion animals and aqua culture. We are specializes in feed supplements, minerals, probiotic, sanitizers, growth supporters for maintenance of health and productivity in poultry, ships & aquaculture.Company own novel formulations in the form of herbs, probiotics and non synthetics non antibiotics are the companies unparalleled speciality.


OCEAN AQUA TECHNOLOGIES, has wide distribution network of 70 carrying and forwarding agents in various states of india.our company has evolved with an aim to provide timely solutions for a sustainable farming.OCEAN AQUA TECHNOLOGIES emphasis is on research and development and has state of the art manufacturing facilities, modern built R&D UNITS WELL equipped quality control laboratory. The technologists in the group are very much industry oriented and have the experience to truly listen to and understand their customer requirements.

About us

OCEAN AQUA TECHNOLOGIES is a manufacturer of Aqua health care products such as probiotics, growth promoters, Pond environment  and feed supplements.We have several years of experience in manufacturing aqua healthcare products with great expertise and passion.


Our mission

Our mission is to excel as a leading service provider of fine quality aqua products that meets global market demands.TO be among thetop notch animal healthcare company of india by 2020 and accompolishing a turnover of 5 Billion.

Our Vision

To be a global leader in aqua products & supplies.Dedicated to continuous improvement that gains satisfied customers.Our vision is to develop formulations for a healthy ecosystem.To expand our business across international markets.


Ocean Aqua Technologies Products


Poultry Products Groups

Poultry Egg and Meat are important sources of edible animal protein. Poultry meat accounts for 30% of global meat consumption. The efficiency of the bird is being constantly improved, thanks to the scientific breeding and appropriate nutrition for the genetically improved bird. Nutritional supplements and Dietary Strategies play a vital role in exhibition of the efficiency of the bird. Neospark takes pride in catering the poultry industry with a range of Value Added Products to realize the true potential of the bird.

Animal Product Groups

Man has been dependent on animals for his food, clothing and companionship since time immemorial. With the evolutionary changes and civilization, man also upgraded the animals by selective breeding to meet the increased demand and requirement. in order to increase its production India is blessed with a rich resource of animal wealth and is viewed as the “Food Basket of the World”. India stands first in Milk Production and in meat production, accounts for 3% of world meat production.

Aquaculture Product Groups

Aquaculture is concerned with ‘the propagation and rearing of aquatic organisms under complete human control involving manipulation of atleast one stage of an aquatic organism’s life before harvest, in order to increase its production’. Fishery catches from the marine environment have been steadily declining in many parts of the world due to over-exploitation and pollution, causing the people to turn towards aquaculture to improve the food production and to contribute for economic development.


OCEAN AQUA TECHNOLOGIES takes pride in its quality-led manufacturing base that keeps the customer at the centre of its business philosophy. A global network of state-of- the-art manufacturing facilities has helped us build scale and enabled us to meet customer needs